Genetic divergence studies in blackgram (Vigna mungo L. Hepper)

  • S. Senthamizhselvi, A. Muthuswamy and N. Shunmugavalli


 Divergence among 112 genotypes for yield and yield contributing traits was carried out by using mahalanobisD2 statistics. The maximum inter cluster distance was observed between cluster XII and IV (18.80) followed by cluster VI and IV (18.79). The maximum     intra cluster distance was reported in cluster XII (14.74).The crosses which involve parents from these more divergent clusters will yield relatively good amount of heterosis in F1 and high frequency of transgressive segregants and genetic variability in subsequent generationsBased on the mean performance and diversity studies the genotypes KU 11-667, ABG 11-036, IC 436729 and IC 335331 were found to be the best for further yield improvement.

Research Note