Genetic variability and association analysis for yield and its components in single cross hybrids of maize (Zea mays L.)

  • Kanagarasu, S., Nallathambi, G., Kannan, S and Ganesan, K.N
Keywords: Maize, variability, correlation, path analysis


A study was carried out to estimate the various genetic parameters and nature of association among the traits influencing maize grain yield. A total of 72 F1 hybrids were synthesised in a Line x Tester mating fashion using 24 inbred lines and three testers. Analysis of variance revealed the presence of substantial variability for all traits studied. Grain yield/plant, grains/row, plant height, ear height, cob length, 100 grain weight and leaf breadth had high GCV estimates with high heritability. Genetic advance was higher for grain yield/plant, ear height, grains/row, plant height, cob length and 100 grain weight. High GCV, heritability as well as genetic advance indirectly indicate that selection may be effective for these traits. Genotypic correlation coefficients and path analysis revealed that grains/row, grain rows/cob, 100 grain weight and plant height had positively significant correlation and highest direct effect on grain yield. While formulating the breeding programme, the above traits may be considered as important traits aiming to maximize the grain yield of maize.
Research Note