Correlation analysis for yield, yield components and MYMV disease scores in blackgram (Vigna mungo(L.) Hepper)

  • K. Vadivel, N. Manivannan, A. Mahalingam , V. K. Satya, C. Vanniarajan and V. R. Saminathan Tamil Nadu Agricultural University


The present study was carried out to find the correlation for yield, its attributes and mungbean yellow mosaic virus (MYMV) disease scores in F2 populations derived from two crosses of blackgram viz., MDU 1 × Mash 114 and MDU 1×Mash 1008 and parent MDU 1. F2 populations had MYMV disease score ranged between 1- 9 scale, while the parent MDU 1had 6-9 scale. Correlation studies showed that the trait seed yield per plant (g)had significant and positive correlation with the traits viz., plant height (cm), number of branches per plant, number of cluster per plant, number of pods per cluster, number of pods per plant, pod length (cm) and 100-seed weight (g). Hence, it may be concluded that these characters may be considered as selection index for seed yield per plant in blackgram in both crosses. MYMV disease score had no association with seed yield and component traits in MYMV susceptible parent MDU 1 as well as F2 population. Even though the parent MDU 1 has highly susceptible reaction for MYMV disease, there was no association between disease score and seed yield or yield components. Hence it may be concluded that the susceptible parent MDU 1 has tolerance towards MYMV disease incidence.   

Research Article