TNAU Rice CO 51 (IET 21605) - A high yielding short duration fine grain rice variety for Tamil Nadu

  • S. Robin, K. Mohanasundaram,S. Manonmani , S. Rajeswari, P. Jeyaprakash, R. Pushpam, K. Thiagarajan,R. Rabindran Associate ProfessorDepartment of Plant Breeding and GeneticsAC&RI, Killikulam
  • S. Suresh, V. Ravichandran and S. Radhamani


Early duration rice culture CB 06535,aderivative of the cross ADT 43 / RR 272 -1745wasreleased as TNAU Rice CO 51 during the year 2013 as an alternate variety to ADT 43 with 105 -110 days duration with additional desirable features like high yield, physiological efficiency and better adaptability. This culture with semi dwarf stature has efficient tillering capacity, long droopy panicles with highly acceptable plant characters and is a good replacement for the rice variety ADT 43 due to its high grain yield and pest and disease resistance. In the overall performance, the culture, CB 06 535 recorded a mean productivity of 6623 kg/ha in seven years of trials with 10.72 per cent increase over ADT 43.  At Nallampalli, Dharmapuri district, the culture has recorded the highest yield of 11,377 kg/ha among the trials conducted, demonstrating the highest yield potential of this variety. The culture CB 06 535 is moderately resistant to blast, BPH and GLH under artificial condition. It produces medium slender white rice with intermediate amylose, soft gel consistency and moderate gelatinization temperature. It produces good quality cooked rice besides high milling and head rice recovery. CB 06 535 with higher yield, better pest and disease resistance and good  cooking quality in comparison to the check ADT 43 is suitable  for cultivation during Kar/ Kuruvai/Sornavari/Navaraiand the seasons / tracts wherever early maturing rice varieties are cultivated throughout Tamil Nadu.

Research Article