Genetic variability, correlation and path coefficient analysis for yield and yield components in blackgram (Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper)

  • S. Senthamizhselvi, A. Muthuswamy and N. Shunmugavalli



Nature of variation and association of seven yield component traits with yield and among themselves were studied using 112 genotypes of blackgram. Considerable variations among the genotypes were observed for all the characters under study. Heritability estimates were high for all the characters. High heritability with high genetic advance for plant height, primary branches per plant, pods per plant, 100- seed weight and yield per plant indicated additive gene action. Selection in these traits would be effective for improvement of blackgram while days to flowering showed high heritability with low genetic advance indicating nonadditive gene action. Correlation analysis indicated highly significant positive correlation between pods per plant, clusters per plant.


Research Note