Identification of restorers and maintainers for A2 and A4 cytoplasm based CGMS lines in early maturing pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.)

  • A.Kumaresan and P. Jayamani Student


Fertility restoration is a crucial requirement for successful hybrid synthesis using CGMS system in pigeonpea. A total of 35 inbreds were crossed with three CGMS lines, where, two belong to A2 cytoplasm(CORG 990047A and CORG 990052A), while other one belong to A4 cytoplasm (CORG 7A)to identify maintainers and restorers. On the basis of pollen fertility analysis in 105 hybrids, seven inbreds partially restored the fertility of CORG 990047A. One and four inbreds partially restored the fertility of CORG 990052A and CORG 7A, respectively. A total of 28  inbreds maintained the sterility of  CORG 990052 A followed by 16 inbreds for CORG 990047 A. Only seven inbreds maintained the sterility of A4 CGMS line viz., CORG 7 A. In the present study, potential restorers was not identified for all the three CGMS lines. However, potential maintainers identified will be used in the backcross breeding to develop new CGMS lines with different genetic background.

Research Article