Genetic diversity studies in Lablab (Lablab purpureus L.) genotypes

  • P. Dhivyabharathi, V. Rajasree, H. Usha Nandhini Devi and V.Thiruvengadam Student



Mahalanobis D2 statistics was used to study the genetic divergence for 12 characters among 30 genotypes of Indian bean. Genotypes were grouped into four clusters on the basis of relative magnitude of D2 values. The maximum inter cluster distance was observed between cluster III and IV (86.42) followed by cluster IV and cluster I (69.74). Maximum intra cluster distance was exhibited in cluster I (27.91) followed by cluster II (22.58). The mean value for most of the traits was maximum in cluster IV. Among the yield contributing characters, the maximum contribution towards divergence was made by pod length (34.25), average pod weight (31.26), pod yield per plant (21.15).  Maximum D2 values between cluster III (3 genotypes) and cluster IV (1 genotype) followed by cluster I (19 genotypes) and IV (1 genotype) indicated that the genotypes included in these clusters may give useful superior recombinants with desirable traits in segregating generations.


Research Article