Qualitative characterization and clustering of Early-maturing barnyard millet (Echinochloa spp.) Germplasm

  • M. Kuraloviya, C. Vanniarajan, M. Vetriventhan, C. Babu, S. Kanchana and R. Sudhagar AC&RI, MADURAI, TNAU


Thirty barnyard millet germplasm along with a MDU 1 check variety were characterized for 15 qualitative traits. The characters like growth habit, plant pigmentation, inflorescence color, inflorescence shape, compactness of inflorescence, shape of lower raceme, blade pubescence and grain color showed greater frequency of variants. There were no variants found for traits like branching of lower raceme, senescence and grain shape. The cluster analysis of these 30 accessions using Un weighted Pair Group Method with Arithmetic Mean (UPGMA)  led to the grouping of accessions under 11 clusters. Cluster I was the largest cluster with 6 accessions followed by cluster V and VI with 4 each, cluster IV and VIII with 3, clusters II, VII, IX and X with 2 accessions each and Clusters III and XI with one accession each. The genotypes between the clusters are more diverse and hence they could be identified and utilized in future breeding programme.

Research Article