Studies on genetic parameters, correlation and path analysis for yield attributes in the maintainer and restorer lines of pearl millet [Pennisetum glacum.( L.) R.Br]

  • R. Rasitha, K. Iyanar , R. Ravikesavan and N. Senthil TNAU, Coimbatore


A set of forty-two maintainers and seventeen restorer lines were evaluated in RCBD(Randomized Complete Block Design) design during Kharif 2018 with a view of studying genetic parameters and association studies for eleven quantitative characters. Analysis of variance indicated that significant differences were observed for all studied characters in the experimental materials. The values of PCV were higher than GCV but in a narrow range indicating that the least influence of environment on the expression of traits. Estimates of high heritability coupled with high genetic advance as a percentage of mean were observed for the characters viz., leaf sheath length, leaf blade length, spike length, spike girth, plant height, 1000 seed weight and single plant yield suggesting that these characters are governed by additive gene action. Correlation and path analysis studies revealed that number of productive tillers/plant and 1000 grain weight could be considered as good selection indices for selecting genotypes for yield improvement.

Research Article