Evaluation of rice landraces for resistance to planthoppers and leafhoppers

  • K.Venkatesh, R. P. Soundararajan, N. Muthukrishnan and P. Jeyaprakash TAMIL NADU AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY


Evaluation and identification of resistant entries for different hopper pests is a continuous process to develop new resistant varieties. Identification of novel resistant genotypes from landraces will provide valuable information, protect the local germplasm, using them in crossing programme. A total of seventy four rice landraces along with resistant and susceptible checks viz., Ptb-33, MO-1 and TN-1 were used for the present study. Standard seed box screening techniques were followed to evaluate resistance to BPH, WBPH and GLH under glass house condition. Among the landraces screened, none of the entries was observed as highly resistant. Ten entries were found resistant to BPH, eight each for WBPH and GLH with the damage score of 3. Among the resistant lines, Panamara Samba and Karthi Samba showed resistance to both BPH and WBPH. 25 landraces showed moderate resistance to BPH, 18 landraces showed resistance to WBPH and 27 landraces were found to be resistance to GLH with score 5.

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