Genetic studies on TGMS lines for development of superior two line rice hybrids

  • K. Srimathi, M. Arumugam Pillai, N. Aananthi and C. Rajababu PG scholar


Development of desirable floral and out crossing related characters in TGMS lines plays a key role in two line rice hybrid programme. A set of six TGMS lines were raised during summer 2018 and observed under high temperature regime for floral, morphological, agronomic traits to find out commercially exploitable TGMS lines for two line hybrid seed production. Variability studies were conducted for several characters viz., anther length, anther breadth, panicle exertion rate, stigma exertion rate, glume angle, spikelet sterility, pollen sterility which shows high GCV, Heritability, Genetic Advance could be utilized for selection. The three TGMS lines viz., TNAU 39S, TNAU4S, TNAU 95S showed the wider glume angle opening (˃29⁰), higher panicle exertion rate(˃87%), stigma exertion rate (˃72%) and stable pollen sterility percentage (˃99%). The floral and morphological characterisation studies shows that TGMS lines viz., TNAU 39S, TNAU 45S, TNAU 95S had stable pollen sterility expression with good desirable floral traits viz., higher pollen sterility, wider glume angle opening, high stigma and panicle exertion % for better extent of out-crossing rate and these lines can be utilized for two line hybrid rice breeding programme with high heterotic expression and superior yield.


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