Validation of genetic parameter for yield related traits among indigenous mung bean (Vigna radiata L.) germplasm

  • M. Sneha, S. Saravanan, S. Merina Premkumari and M. Arumugam Pillai TAMILNADU AGRICULRTURAL UNIVERSITY


The present study was conducted during Rabi 2018 utilizing selected mung bean germplasm for validation of genetic variability and correlation among yield and yield contributing traits of mung bean. One hundred and ten indigenous mungbean germplasm were investigated for this study for ten biometrical traits viz., day to 50% flowering (days), plant height (cm), number of primary branches per plant, no. of clusters per plant, no. of pods per cluster, no. of pods per plant, no. of seeds per pod, pod length (cm), 100 seed weight (g) and single plant yield (g). Phenotypic co-efficient of variation (PCV) was slightly higher than genotypic co-efficient of variation (GCV) for most of the traits that pronounces the expression of these traits being influenced by both genotype and environment. Higher estimates of PCV and GCV were observed in the traits pods per plant, 100 seed weight and single plant yield suggesting that these traits offer a scope of direct selection. The traits days to 50% flowering (98 per cent), plant height (83 per cent), number of pods per plant (86 per cent) and single plant yield (98 per cent) have shown high heritability besides higher genetic advance as percent of mean (20 per cent) indicating that the above mentioned characters display a strong additive gene action and they can be subjected to genetic improvement through simple selection. Genotypic correlation construes higher values than phenotypic correlation for most of the traits. Single plant yield showed highly significant correlation with all the characters at 1 per cent level. Path analysis of the 110 green gram genotypes indicated that the number of pods per plant exhibited a direct effect which is very high positive effect whereas number of seeds per pod showed moderate direct effect. Hence, simultaneous selection for the above traits would be more rewarding to bring improvement in mung bean.

Research Article