Identification of MYMV resistant donors through agroinoculation and validation of linked marker(s) in black gram [Vigna mungo (L.)Hepper]

  • B. Madhumitha, M. Kanimoli Mathivathana and M. Sudha Tamil Nadu Agricultural University


Black gram is highly prone to Mungbean yellow mosaic virus (MYMV) disease which affects its production and productivity. Agroinoculation for MYMV resistance/ susceptibility on  six genotypes of black gram revealed that lines ADT (Bg) 3, CO (Bg) 6 were  susceptible and the lines CO – BG 10-5, VBN (Bg) 6, VBN (Bg) 8, VBN (Bg) 4 were resistant to MYMV infection. The lines were also  confirmed for resistance / susceptibility  using MYMV gene specific coat protein primer by PCR analysis . For marker validation  four molecular markers namely CEDG180, VMYR1, YR4 and CYR1which were previously identified as MYMV resistance linked in black gram were chosen  and amplified. Among the four linked markers, CEDG180 was found polymorphic between resistance and susceptible black gram genotypes. The resistant lines were further substantiated using whitefly transmission and no symptoms were observed in resistant lines CO – BG 10-5, VBN (Bg) 6, VBN (Bg) 8, VBN (Bg) 4. Therefore,  it is concluded that obtained markers could be effectively used for marker assisted selection of YMV resistance and resistant donors would act as a valuable donor in black gram breeding programs for incorporating YMV resistance.

Research Article