Genetic engineering of tobacco with EfIRT2 Gene

  • Nikam Shweta, S. Varanavasiappan, A. John Joel, T. K. Manape, L. Arul, E. Kokiladevi Department of plant biotechnology,TNAU
  • K. K. Kumar and D. Sudhakar


IRT2 is involved in regulating uptake of iron (Fe) and is considered as one of the potential targets for genetic manipulation for Fe accumulation in crops. Genetic transformation of tobacco with an IRT2 gene of Echinochloa frumentacea was carried out in tobacco model system to study the expression of the gene. Twenty four putative transgenic tobacco plants were generated through Agrobacterium mediated transformation.  Thirteen tobacco events were screened for presence of EfIRT2 and hptII genes and all thirteen were found positive for gene of interest as well as for the selectable marker gene, hptII. In addition, qRT-PCR analysis confirmed the EfIRT2 gene expression in three tested transgenic tobacco plants.

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