Breeding for evolution of photo-insensitive pole type vegetable dolichos (Lablab purpureus L.) varieties to suit year round cultivation

  • C. Susmita, N. Mohan and T. S. Aghora Indian Institue of Seed Science


Photosensitivity in pole types of vegetable dolichos is a major production constraint limiting its production to rabi. Presently, the pole type varieties are gaining popularity among farmers because of their higher yield levels. To accomplish the development of high yielding, pole type and photo-insensitive varieties, hybridization was done between (IC 556824-IPS-2 X Arka Swagath) and (IIHR 178 X Arka Swagath), wherein superior transgressive seggregants from both the crosses were selected and crossed with Arka Amogh. Followed by pedigree method of breeding, the lines were advanced upto F7 generation wherein six advanced breeding lines comprising of photo-insensitive trait, high yield and promising pod characters were selected and evaluated using pole type check varieties during both kharif and rabi for three years in succession from 2015-2017. All the advanced breeding lines had normal flowering in both the seasons as well as outperformed the checks with yield ranging from 37.2 to 41.1 t/ha during kharif and 37.9 to 41.4 t/ha in rabi, whereas in checks yield was comparatively lower ranging from 15.2 to 26.3 t/ha and 17.4 to 26.7 t/ha during kharif and rabi respectively.

Research Article