Studies on genetic parameters, correlation and causation among biometrical traits in bhendi

  • S. Vinithra, K. Sindhuja, N. Senthilkumar, P. Thangavel, S.T. Ponsiva Annamalai University
  • R. Kandasamy and S. Thirugnanakumar


The present investigation was conducted to estimate genetic parameters viz., genotypic coefficient variation (GCV), phenotypic coefficient variation (PCV), heritability and genetic advance (GA) along with correlation and path coefficient analysis, from data collected from fifty eight genotypes. High GCV and PCV were observed for fruit yield per plant, number of node to first fruiting and fruit girth. High heritability coupled with high GA was observed for almost all the characters of interest. These traits could well be improved by resorting to simple selection. The Fruit yield per plant evinced positive significant phenotypic and genotypic association with plant height and average fruit weight. Path coefficient analysis revealed that number of fruit per plant and average fruit weight exerted maximum positive direct effects which were equal to genetic correlation coefficient towards fruit yield per plant. Hence, number fruits per plant and average fruit weight may be good indicator traits for fruit yield improvement in okra breeding. 

Research Article