Studies on genetic diversity in redgram genotypes using rapd markers

  • K. C. Chandana, L. Prasanthi, M. Reddi Sekhar and B. V. Bhaskara Reddy
Keywords: Redgram, Dendrogram, Genetic diversity, RAPD


Genetic diversity was estimated among fifteen genotypes of redgram using 30 RAPD primers. A total of 172 RAPD amplicons were obtained; of which 114(66%) were polymorphic. The present polymorphism ranged from 25 to 100 per cent. A wide range (18.0 to 95.2%) of Jaccard's similarity coefficient was observed between the pairs of genotypes. A dendrogram constructed based on the UPGMA clustering method revealed two major clusters. Among the 15 genotypes LRG-30 was found in separate cluster (cluster I), while all other genotypes grouped into other major cluster (cluster II) indicating a distinct background of this genotype.
Research Article