Performance evaluation of oat variety Bundel Jai-15-1 for fodder and seed yield in hill zone of India

  • S. Ahmed, K. K. Singh and A. K. Roy IGFRI, Jhansi-U.P


A high yielding new forage oat entry, JHO-2015-1, a derivative of the cross between UPO 90 × IGO2-70 was released as Bundel Jai-2015-1 during the year 2018 as an alternate variety for irrigated, timely sown conditions in tropical and subtropical regions during winter season in the hilly areas of India. Variety is ready for fodder harvesting with 50 per cent of flowering in 110-120 days with additional desirable features like high green forage yield, dry matter yield, physiological efficiency and better adaptability. The variety has high crude protein content, crude protein yield and high nutritional quality for in vitro dry matter digestibility and low in ADF and NDF content. A semi erect stature variety having efficient tillering capacity, with highly acceptable plant morpho-characters, good for single cut system and with medium size of grains. An efficient material with positive response to nitrogenous fertilizer treatments for green fodder, dry matter, crude protein yield (q/h) and content (%) and the number of tillers present in per meter row length and moderately resistant to leaf blight and powdery mildew. In the overall performance, the mean green forage yield of 292.65 q/ha was recorded for entry, JHO-15-1 in five years of trials with 14-15 per cent increase over check varieties. Besides the mean dry matter yield recorded for entry was 96.6 q/ha in five years of trials with 24-26 per cent increase over check varieties. At Srinagar district of Kashmir the entry has recorded the highest green forage yield of 479.0 q/ ha and 122.3 q/ha of dry matter yield among the trials conducted, this demonstrate the genetic potential. The per day productivity of entry JHO-15-1 for green forage yield and dry matter yield and seed yield is also higher than the other released and tested varieties like Kent,OS-6 and SKO-90. Crude protein yield of entry was 3.9 q/ha, IVDMD was 54.8% and CP content was 10.0%. The entry JHO-15-1 was recommended for cultivation in hilly areas of Jammu, Himachal Pradesh and Srinagar areas of India.

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