Genetic studies on sesamin and sesamolin content and other yield attributing characters in sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)

  • Sunkesula Mohammad Usman, PL. Viswanathan, S. Manonmani and D. Uma student


Sesamum (SesamumindicumL.) is an important ancient oilseed crop known to mankind, which is considered as Queen of Oilseed crops. Lignans a group of secondary metabolites present in seeds which are responsible for the therapeutic value, especially sesamin and sesamolin possess various biological properties attributing to its health promoting effects. Four low lignan lines and four high lignan lines were selected and hybrids synthesized in Line x Tester mating design. These hybrids were raised during Kharif 2019 in RCBD design with three replications. The genotype JLS-57 was identified as good general combiner for seed yield, the total number of capsules, plant height, the number of primary branches and the number of secondary branches, sesamin and sesamolin content showing a significant GCA effect. The tester GUN-18 and PKDS-12 shows significant GCA effects towards seed yield, plant height, sesamin and sesamolin content. The cross (KRISHNA x PKDS-12) shows high and negative SCA effects towards sesamin and sesamolin content. The cross (JLS 57 x PKDS 12) was high and positive SCA effects towards earliness and 1000 seed weight, but low towards yield and sesamin and sesamolin content. The crosses (JLS-57 x GUN-18), (SI-3099 x PKDS 12) and (IC-205071 x GUN-18) shows high SCA effects towards sesamin and sesamolin content. These crosses will be evaluated in further generations for isolating high sesamin, sesamolin content and high yield.

Research Article