Heterosis for seed yield and its components in sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)

  • Vavdiya, P. A, Dobariya, K. L., Babariya, C. A and Sapovadiya, M. V.
Keywords: Sesame, heterobeltiosis, standard heterosis


A study was conducted in sesame to assess the extent of heterosis for fifteen quantitative traits including seed yield per plant. Twelve lines and three testers were crossed in a line x tester fashion to develop 48 F1 hybrids. The analysis of variance revealed highly significant differences among the parents and hybrids for all the characters, indicating the presence of sufficient amount of genetic diversity for all traits studied. Heterosis was worked-out over better parent and standard variety, G.Til-4. The standard heterosis for seed yield per plant ranged from -12.32 to 137.39 %. The crosses NIC-75 x G.Til-10, IC-81564 x G.Til-10, NIC-75 x G.Til-4, AT-238 x G.Til-10 and Borda-1 x G.Til-10 were good heterotic combinations for seed yield per plant, which recorded 137.39, 128.74, 111.34, 100.42 and 90.84 % standard heterosis, respectively. The heterosis for seed yield per plant was associated with the heterosis expressed by its component characters.
Research Note