Genetic variabilty studies in interspecific cotton (Gossypium spp) hybrids

  • P. Gopikrishnan, N. Shunmugavalli and G.Anand
Keywords: Cotton, variability, yield


The genetic variability parameters for eleven yield and five fibre quality characters were investigated in 54 interspecific cotton (G.hirsutum × G.barbadense) hybrids along with their parents during Rabi 2012. The environmental coefficient of variation (ECV) was lower than the corresponding phenotypic coefficient of variation (PCV) and genotypic coefficient of variation (GCV) for all the traits. The traits viz., plant height, number of monopodial branches per plant, number of sympodial branches per plant, number of bolls per plant, boll weight, number of seeds per boll, seed cotton yield per plant, lint index and elongation percentage showed high values for heritability and genetic advance. High heritability with moderate genetic advance was registered for days to 50 per cent flowering, ginning percentage and fibre fineness. Seed index and 2.5 per cent span length recorded moderate genetic advance coupled with moderate heritability.
Research Note