Varietal characterization and categorization of barnyard millet (Echinochloa frumentacaea L.) varieties, cultivars and mutants for varietal identification

  • R. Nilavarasi, K. Sujatha, R. Geetha and C. Vanniarajan Tamil Nadu Agricultural University


The goal of this study is to evaluate the major characteristics of barnyard millet (Echinochloa frumentacaea L.) varieties, cultivars and mutants to analyse morphological characters on the basis of descriptors with the objective to identify the key diagnostic characters of the genotypes. A group of 11 barnyard millet genotypes were evaluated in randomized block design with three replications to characterize based on their morphological characters viz., Plant growth habit, the number of basal tillers, Culm branching, Plant height (cm), Lodging, Flag leaf length, Flag leaf width, Flag leaf attitude, Inflorescence colour, Stigma colour, Peduncle length (cm), Lower raceme length (cm), Lower raceme thickness, Lower raceme branching, Seed shattering and Seed shape. This experiment revealed the diverse characteristics of germplasms and indicated that the morphological variations exist in collected germplasm is due to the variation in genetic makeup and could be better utilized for field functionaries, certification officers, seed production officers and seed growers for regulating quality of the seed. These differences in morphological traits were helpful in recognition of individual barnyard millet cultures. 

Research Article