Genetic divergence in okra (Abelmoschus Esculentus L. Moench.)

  • Shaikh Md. Soyab Akhil Mohd. Ab. Mazid, Mohrir M.N and Jadhav R. S.
Keywords: Okra, Genetic divergence, yield components


Genetic divergence was studied among 25 okra germplasm lines using Mahalanobis D2 analysis. Analysis of variances for dispersion indicated significant differences among the genotypes and they were grouped into four clusters. The cluster I consisted of 22 genotypes, whereas cluster II, III and IV were solitary clusters. Highest inter cluster distance observed between clusters I and cluster IV, while cluster I shown maximum intra cluster distance. Characters days to 50 per cent flowering and plant height (cm) contributed maximum of 18.0% towards genetic divergence followed by number of seeds per fruit (16.0%). Cluster I and IV shown high cluster means for yield and yield components, therefore genotypes viz., IIVR- 11, HRB- 55, 134, 148 and Parbhani kranti (Cluster I) and 315 (Cluser IV) of these diverse clusters may be used for further hybridization.
Research Note