Genetic divergence and clustering studies in advanced breeding lines of rice (Oryza sativa L.)

  • S. Palaniyappan
  • P. Arunachalam TNAU
  • S. Banumathy
  • M. L. Mini and S. Muthuramu


Thirty six rice genotypes were used to estimate the magnitude of diversity associated with them using D2 analysis to discover the diversity of genotypes. The analysis of 17 quantitative traits resulted in 8 different clusters from 36 rice genotypes. The maximum number of genotypes was grouped in Cluster I, whereas only one genotype each was associated with Cluster VII and VIII. Cluster I had maximum cluster mean for the number of grains per panicle and minimum for days to maturity whereas Cluster VII exhibited a better grain type with maximum cluster mean for grain yield. Hence the selection of genotypes from these clusters would give better breeding lines with higher grain yield. The dendrogram analysis helped to choose the improved mutants from the original variety.

Research Article