Identification of superior drought tolerant maize hybrids based on combining ability and heterosis with Line × Tester mating design

  • R. C. Aswin, M. Sudha, A. Senthil, S. Sivakumar and N. Senthil Tamil Nadu Agricultural University


Maize (Zea mays) is an important multipurpose cereal crop. Single-cross hybrids play a crucial role in maize cultivation in terms of acreage and production. The combining ability and heterosis are prime criteria for efficacious maize improvement and breeding. This study was focused to access the performances of hybrids, and to estimate heterosis and combining ability for grain yield and yield-related traits. The present study was conducted using 16 parents and 28 F1 cross combinations of maize hybrids during rabi 2019 to identify the best inbred lines and hybrid combinations. The overall study of gca effects suggested that the parents CBM-DL-448, CBM-DL- 435, CBM-DL- 360 and UMI1230 were found to be good general combiners for desirable yield-related traits. Among the hybrids, CBM-DL-360 × UMI 1200, CBM-DL-435 × UMI 1230, and CBM-DL-448 × UMI 1230 exhibited positive and significant sca effects and standard heterosis for single plant yield.

Research Article