A high yielding seeragasamba rice culture VG 09006 and its medicinal properties

  • M.Madhan Mohan, A.Balakrishnan and P.R.Renganayaki
Keywords: Seeragasamba, traditional rice, ß-Sitosterol, antioxidant, squalene


The promising rice culture VG09006 was obtained from pedigree breeding by making crosses between ADT43 and Seeragasamba (traditional cultivar) at Agricultural Research Station, Vaigai dam during kharif 2007 by keeping ADT43 as female parent and Seeragasamba as male parent. The rice culture recorded an average yield of 6.15 t/ha which is 75% higher yield than Seeragasamba. The rice grain nutrient contents were analysed at Indian Institute of Crop Processing Technology, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. The quality analysis of parboiled and milled rice has shown 5.1 % protein, 0.6% Fiber, 83.6 % Carbohydrate, 29.22% Amylose and 70.78% Amylopectin. The rice culture VG09006 will have a great potential in the field of diabetic studies in the years to come since high amylose content in the rice may have a much lower glycemic load.
Research Note