Combining ability analysis and gene action in pearl millet [Pennisetum glaucum (L.) R. Br.]

  • S.G. Khandagale*, Vijay Sharma, R.P.Lone, V.G.Khandagale and Kumara Swamy R.V
Keywords: Peral millet, GCA, SCA, gene action, Grain yield.


The experiment was conducted with 50 hybrids which were developed through Line x Tester mating design using five male sterile lines and ten restorers as parental material along with two standard check hybrids, viz., Pratibha-1666 and Shradha. . The parents, hybrids and two standard checks were evaluated during kharif 2012 season for ten characters. Significant differences were observed for all the ten characters studied. Among females, 732A was found best general combiner for grain yield and had significant GCA effects for days to 50% flowering, days to maturity, 1000-grain weight and plant height while, in male parent, PT 4801 was the best general combiner followed by PT 4108 and PT4563 for grain yield per plant. The cross ICMA 88004 x PT 4639 was the best specific combiner for grain yield per plant followed by ICMA 91222 x PT 4520 and ICMA 99222 x PT 4801. They produced significant and desirable SCA effects for most of the traits studied, indicating potential for exploiting hybrid vigour in breeding programme.
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