Hybrid purity testing in rice (Oryza sativa L.) using microsatellite markers

  • Umesh C Deshmukh, Ritu R Saxena, Mary Suchita Xalxo, Deepak Sharma and S B Verulkar
Keywords: Rice, marker, hybrid purity, GOT


Microsatellite markers are useful in fingerprinting, for assessing variation within parental lines and testing the genetic purityof hybrid seed in rice.In this paper we report the identification of pure rice hybrids using microsatellite polymorphisms.Thirty simple sequence repeat microsatellite (SSR) markers were employed for fingerprinting 18 rice hybrids and theirparental lines. Twelve SSR markers were found polymorphic across the parents and produced unique fingerprint for theparents. Among the markersRM-17 and RM-84 precisely distinguished between pure hybrids and mixture/off type.Clusteranalysis based on Simple matching (SM) similarity coefficient using UPGMA grouped the hybrids into three clusters. Thegenetic similarity between the hybrids ranged from 0.43 to 0.81 with an average similarity index of 0.63.
Research Article