Response of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) genotypes to soil fertilization of micronutrients in alfisol conditions

  • P. Arunachalam , P. Kannan, J. Prabhaharan, G. Prabukumar and Zadda Kavitha
Keywords: Groundnut, biofortification, variability, micronutrient, zinc


In this study, an attempt was made to assess the genetic variability of kernel micronutrients and to enrich the micronutrient
content in groundnut. Twenty one different genotypes and three cultivars were evaluated for micronutrient response under
alfisol condition. To enhance the soil micronutrient availability recommended dose of Fe and Zn were applied as basal. The
experiment was conducted at Dryland Agricultural Research Station, Chettinad under rainfed condition during August to
December 2011. Yield parameters and micronutrients content in kernel were assessed. In alfisol, basal application of Zn and
Fe enhanced the soil available Zn and Fe content. Basal application of micronutrients increased the kernel Zn content to an
average of 28.7 per cent and pod yield of 12.6 per cent in groundnut cultivars. Significant genetic variability was observed
among genotypes for Fe, Zn, Cu and Mn enrichment in kernel. The accessions ICGV 07225, ICGV 07222, ICGV 07247
and ICGV 07220 were having inherent ability to load high zinc content in kernel with high pod yield per plant. For
developing high yielding zinc dense cultivars, the genotype identified in this study are to be tested in diverse environments
for their stability.
Research Article