Per se perforformance and heterosis for shoot and fruit borer (Leucinodes orbonalis Gn) resistance and yeild in brinjal (Solanum melongena L.)

  • S.Praneetha , T.Sarasvathy, D.Veeraragavathatham and L.Pugalendhi
Keywords: Brinjal, heterosis, shoot and fruit borer resistance, marketable yield


Nine parents involving full diallel mating design was used to obtain the hybrids. Heterosis effect on different characters
along with fruit yield and shoot and fruit borer resistance in brinjal was estimated. The cross EP 12 x MDU 1 recorded the
highest heterobeltiosis per cent followed by EP 65 x Pusa Uttam and the best parent heterosis was maximum in EP 65 x
Pusa Uttam for marketable yield per plant. For shoot borer infestation the highest negative heterobeltiosis was recorded in
the hybrid EP 5 x APAU Bagmathi. The hybrid EP 65 x MDU 1 registered negative significant best parent heterosis. The
highest significant and negative best parent heterosis was measured by the hybrid EP 65 x Pusa Uttam (-18.40) for fruit
borer infestation. Only one hybird viz., EP 65 x Pusa Uttam showed positive and significant heterosis as best parent
heterosis. Hence, this hybrid can be suggested for commercial cultivation so as to get high marketable yield and also to
exploit hybrid vigour for low shoot and fruit borer incidence.
Research Article