Variability and association studies for yield and yield components in upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) under red chalka soils

  • P.J.M.Rao and M.Gopinath
Keywords: Cotton, correlation coefficient, path analysis, fibre quality


Studies conducted with 60 cotton genotypes for yield components and fibre quality traits under red chalka soil revealed
high genotypic coefficient of variation and genetic gain for number of bolls, boll weight, ginning out turn, lint yield and
seed cotton yield and these traits could be improved by simple selection. Correlation and path analysis studies revealed that
seed cotton yield is highly influenced by lint yield. Significant positive association exists between number of bolls per
plant, boll weight, ginning out turn, bundle strength, lint yield and seed cotton yield. Lint yield registered high order
positive direct effect on seed yield. The present study signified the importance of number of bolls per plant , boll weight
along with lint yield for overall improvement of seed cotton yield.
Research Note