Identification of maintainers and restorers for WA and Kalinga sources of CMS lines in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

  • Sri Krishnalatha and Deepak Sharma
Keywords: Rice, Pollen fertility, Spikelet fertility, Restorer and Maintainer lines


The availability of stable cytoplasmic male sterility and fertility restoring system is vital for commercial exploitation of
heterosis in rice. This study using three CMS lines viz., APMS 6A, CRMS 32A and PUSA 6A and six testers viz., SR-6-
SW-8-1, R 1099-2569-1-1, R-1557-1306-1-568-1, Super rice-7, Super rice-8 and Jitpiti. Based on the pollen fertility (%)
and spikelet fertility (%) two genotypes i.e. Super rice-8 for APMS 6A and R 1099-2569-1-1 for CRMS 32A were
identified as potential restorers and two genotypes i.e. SR-6-SW-8-1 for APMS 6A and R-1557-1306-1-568-1 for CRMS
32A were identified as maintainers.
Research Article