Effect of GA3 and other chemicals for increased seed yield of cms lines in rice

  • Akarsh Parihar, Ankul A. mahesuria, Pratibha Chaurasia and A.R. Pathak
Keywords: Rice, GA3, CMS


The WA cytoplasm which leads to CMS in rice poses problem of poor panicle exertion. Hence foliar application of
gibberellic acid (GA3) at the start of panicle emergence has been widely adopted as an essential technique for enhancing
panicle exertion in China and has been recognized as an integral component of hybrid rice seed production. An experiment
was conducted to study the effect of GA3 and other chemicals to economize the dose of GA3 for higher grain yield in CMS
lines in rice. The highest seed yield of CMS lines can be obtained with the application of GA3 30 g / ha + Nutragold. The
same treatment also recorded the highest productive tillers per plant, panicle length, panicle exertion per cent and seed
setting per cent. Application of GA3 alone or in combination with boric acid, KH2PO4, Nutragold and Nutragold alone
improves the expression of floral characters promoting better seed set on CMS parent.
Research Article