Studies on genetic variability created through fullsib mating in greengram (Vigna radiata L.Wilczek)

  • Ch.Sreelakshmi, M.ReddySekhar and D.Shivani
Keywords: Fullsib progenies, greengram


Inter mating was attempted in the F2 population of two greengram crosses viz.,LGG 410 x LGG 450 and RMG 406 x MGG
330 and compared with the F3 bulk population of the respective crosses. Fullsib progenies recorded higher mean values
compared to F3 bulk population in addition to that, it was also observed that the lower and upper limits of range of
variation in the full sib progenies was far below and the above limits in F3 bulk populations. Variance was found to be
higher for most of the characters in full sib progenies than their corresponding F3 bulk populations and may be attributed to
increased magnitude of variability in the desired direction.
Research Article