Nutrition and fatty acid composition in different botanical groups of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea. L) in ICRISAT mini core collection

  • Ganapati Mukri, Shridevi Jakkeral and H.L Nadaf
Keywords: Groundnut, oleic acid, protein, oil, botanical variety


Breeding for enhanced nutritional quality is need of the hour. India not only needs increased quantity of food to feed the growing population but also quality food to mitigate hidden hunger. Oil is the major energy source of the Indian diet. Chemical composition of oil decides its edible nature. Even in edible oil fatty acid composition in general and ratio of oleic acid to linoleic acid of the oil plays major role in deciding its quality. In India, availability of breeding line to improve groundnut oil quality is limited. Screening of different botanical group may give some idea about choice of material for further crop improvement program. In present study botanical group hypogaea, found to have higher amount of oleic acid and fastigiata group recorded high protein and oil content. Growing season also matters in the expression of different fatty acid. Rainy season is found to have better for the better expression of all studied traits.
Research Article