Genetic variability and combining ability for quality characters in two line hybrids in rice

  • R. Chandirakala, G. Kandasamy and K. Thiyagarajan
Keywords: Genetic variability, combining ability, two line hybrids


Studies on genetic variability and combining ability for 10 grain quality characters in a set of crosses involving four TGMS lines and five testers of indica rice revealed that none of parental line was found excellent for all the 10 quality characters. Among the four lines,GD 98014 and GD 98049 showed good general combining ability effect for maximum main quality charaters. Among the testers, IR 72, CO 47 and TKM 12 expressed good gca effects for maximum quality characters. Among the crosses, GD 99017 x CO 47 and GD 98014 x TKM 12 showed high specific combining ability effects. GD 98049 x IR 72 and GD 98049 x CO 43 were good specific combiner for different characters. These crosses can be used for development of rice hybrid in future.
Research Article