Characterization and assessment of variability in upland rice collections

  • Abhishek Singh, A. K. Singh, Shama Parveen and P. K. Singh*
Keywords: Rice, Genetic variability, heritability, qualitative traits and quantitative traits


The upland rice accessions are natural reservoir of genetic variability for various biotic and abiotic stresses. Forty eight upland rice germplasm accessions were evaluated and characterized for fourteen quantitative and fifteen qualitative traits. Analysis of variance revealed that existence of significant variation among accessions for all the quantitative traits. High genotypic and phenotypic coefficient of variation, heritability and genetic advance as per cent of mean was recorded for total number of grains per panicle, fertile spikelet per panicle, number of effective tillers per plant, leaf width and grain yield per plant. Among the qualitative traits variation was found to be high for leaf blade colour, leaf blade pubescence, ligule shape, panicle shattering, leaf senescence and sterile lemma colour. The accessions PKSLGR-16, PKSLGR-23, PKSLGR-43 and PKSLGR-45 are found to be most promising for yield and two to four of its component traits.
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Shama Parveen and P. K. Singh*, A. S. A. K. S. (2014). Characterization and assessment of variability in upland rice collections. Electronic Journal of Plant Breeding, 5(3), 504-510. Retrieved from
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