Combining ability analysis for yield, its contributing characters and fruit quality parameters of exotic Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) breeding lines

  • G. D. Katkar, O. Sridevi, P. M. Salimath and S.P. Patil
Keywords: (Solanum lycopersicum Mill.) Wetted, combining ability, gene action


Combining ability of eleven diverse breeding lines/varieties for yield and its contributing characters was evaluated through a line × tester analysis. The results revealed that variance due to parents, line x tester, crosses and crosses vs. parents were found significant for all characters under study. Mean sum of squares due to female parents were found highly significant for total soluble solids and ascorbic acid content of fruits, while the variance due to male parents were non significant for all characters. The estimate of variance of gca and sca and their ratio indicated preponderance of non-additive gene action for all the traits. Based on mean performance and GCA effects, male parents CLN2123E and PT4722A were better for total fruit yield per plant and number of fruits per plant, while female parent Vaibhav was better for total fruit yield per plant.
Research Article