Genetic variability, correlation and path coefficient studies in F2 generation of aerobic rice (Orzya sativa L. ).

  • Ratnakar Manjunath Shet, Rajanna M P, Ramesh S, Sheshshayee M S and Mahadevu P
Keywords: Genetic variability, Correlation, Path coefficient and Aerobic rice


The F2 segregating populations of two crosses viz., cross I (BPT 5204 × JBT 36/14) and Cross II (KMP 148 × JBT 36/14) of rice were evaluated to assess the genetic variability, correlation and direct and indirect effects among yield and yield components under aerobic condition. The results revealed that crosses registered high PCV and GCV values for almost all traits except days to 50 % flowering and panicle length. However, all traits registered high broad sense heritability accompanied with high genetic advance. The correlation studies of these crosses showed grain yield per plant exhibited highly significant positive association with productive tillers, filled grains per panicle and 1000 seed weight while days to 50 % flowering registered significant negative association with grain yield. The path analysis indicated that productive tillers had highest positive direct effect followed by filled grain per panicle on grain yield in both the crosses.
Research Note