Correlation and path coefficient analysis studies on yield and attributing characters in brinjal (Solanum melongena L.)

  • C. Thangamani and P. Jansirani
Keywords: Brinjal, correlation, path analysis


Correlation studies with twenty five F1 hybrids in brinjal revealed that yield per plant showed positive correlation with number of branches per plant, percentage of long styled flowers, number of fruits per plant, fruit dry matter content and ascorbic acid content. A significant negative correlation of yield was observed with days to first flowering. Fruit borer incidence had a significant positive association with calyx length and fruit girth however, significant negative correlation with total phenols, ascorbic acid content and dry matter content. The path analysis study revealed that the number of fruits per plant is the most important yield determinant, because of its high direct effect and indirectly influence the yield through number of branches per plant and fruit weight. Moderate effects exerted by fruit girth, fruit length and dry matter content were also influences the yield via many other yield improving characters. Emphasis must be given characters having high direct effect like number of fruits per plant, while exercising selection to improve the yield.
Research Note