Association and path analysis for seed yield and component characters in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

  • Neelima .S., K.G.Parameshwarappa and Y.Praveen Kumar
Keywords: Sunflower, correlation, path analysis


Genotypic and phenotypic correlation among seed yield and eleven component characters were studied in 11 genotypes of
sunflower. Association analysis of parents revealed that number of seeds/head, 100-seed weight, head diameter and per cent seed
filling had high significant positive correlation with seed yield. Number of seeds/head, 100 seed weight, head diameter and per
cent seed filling also had significant positive intercorrelation among themselves. Number of seeds/head, per cent seed filling, hull
content and plant height influence the seed yield directly whereas 100-seed weight influenced indirectly through no.of seeds/head
and per cent seed filling. Very high indirect contribution for most of the traits is through number of seeds/head. Hence, this trait
should be given priority in sunflower seed yield improvement programme.
Research Article