Screening and source of resistance to downy mildew (Peronosclerospora sorghi) in Maize (Zea Mays L.)

  • Premalatha, N., K. Mohana Sundaram and S. Arumugachamy
Keywords: Zea mays L., downy mildew, resistance, screening


Host plant resistance is an effective and economical means of controlling downy mildew disease in maize (Zea
mays L.). The present study was initiated with screening of 100 maize inbreds against downy mildew. The parents
UMI 57 and UMI 743 showed resistance to downy mildew. Among 56 hybrids, two hybrids viz., CM 500 x UMI
39 and CM 500 x UMI 57 were found to be highly resistant (100 %) to downy mildew with higher grain yield. The
disease reaction of the progenies ranged from zero to 100 per cent. The maximum disease incidence was registered
in CM 500. The incidence was recorded nil in UMI 57. All downy mildew resistant hybrids were found to possess
significantly higher concentration of total phenols, soluble protein (mg/g), peroxidase and polyphenol oxidase.
Hence these biochemical substances could have a possible role in the resistance behaviour of the genotypes against
downy mildew.
Research Note