Genetic diversity and path coefficient analysis in Pigeonpea [Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.] germplasm accessions of Bastar origin

  • Yogesh Kumar Nag and R.N. Sharma
Keywords: Divergence analysis, germplasm, path analysis, pigeonpea


Forty five pigeonpea germplasms were studied for path coefficient and genetic divergence. The path coefficient analysis revealed
that, the number of pod clusters plant -1 had the highest direct effect on seed yield. Whereas, the characters namely number of
pods plant-1 and days to maturity had the highest indirect effect on seed yield via the characters number of pods plant-1 and days
to 50% flowering respectively. Cluster analysis showed existence of considerable diversity in pigeonpea germplasm accessions.
The maximum inter cluster distance was observed between cluster I and IV. Hence, genotypes of cluster IV may be crossed with
the genotypes of to cluster I to obtain high heterotic response and desirable segregants.
Research Note