Gamma ray Induced Light-orange Flower Mutant in Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) and its inheritance

  • A. Mothilal and M. Jayaramachandran
Keywords: Groundnut, mutation, gamma rays, flower colour.


A dwarf mutant plant having small leaves and light-orange flower was identified in the M2 generation from gamma
ray treated groundnut cultivar VRI 2. The mutant bred true in successive generations. An investigation was made to
know the genetics of light-orange flower in groundnut mutant. The Spanish bunch cultivar VRI 2 having orange
flower was crossed with the light-orange flower mutant. The F1 plants exhibited orange flower indicating that the
orange colour is governed by dominant gene. However, the F2 population segregated as 3 orange: 1 light-orange
flower indicating the light-orange flower trait is governed by a single recessive gene.
Research Article