Correlation study for oil yield in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

  • Gopal Dan, N. Manivannan and P. Vindhiyavarman
Keywords: Sunflower, correlation, selection indices.


Seventy nine inbred lines of sunflower were selected for the character association study to assess the relationship among oil yield
and its components. Observations were recorded on eight traits viz., days to 50% flowering, plant height (cm), head diameter
(cm), 100-seed weight (g), volume weight per 100 ml (g), oil content (%), seed yield per plant (g) and oil yield per plant (g).
Character association analysis revealed positive and significant association of oil yield per plant with seed yield per plant, plant
height, head diameter, volume weight, 100-seed weight and oil content. Hence simultaneous selection of these characters would
contribute for the improvement of oil yield per plant.
Research Note