Genetic variability studies in Moth bean germplasm for seed yield and its attributing characters

  • Yogeesh L.N, Viswanatha K.P, Ravi B.A and Gangaprasad S.
Keywords: Moth bean, genetic variability, heritability


Moth bean is a drought tolerant pulse crop grown in arid and semiarid regions of India. Genetic variability for yield and its
component characters was studied in moth bean germplasm collected from different geographical regions of India. Analysis of
variance showed the presence of significant variability among the genotypes studied and for all the traits excluding 100 seed
weight. The estimates of PCV and GCV were high for plant height, primary branches per plant, secondary branches per plant,
100 seed weight, pods per plant and seed yield per plant. High heritability and Genetic Advance was observed for days to 50 per
cent flowering, plant height, secondary branches per plant, pod length, pods per plant and seed yield characters studied offering
scope for improvement of these traits through simple selection.
Research Note