Heterosis studies in brown sarson (Brassica rapa L.)

  • Z. A. Dar, Shafiq A. Wani., Gulzaffar, M. Habib, Sofi, N. R., Ahmed, I., Ahmed , Z and M. H. Khan
Keywords: Brown sarson, heterosis, , germplasm


Heterosis was estimated over mid and better parent, respectively among 45 F1 hybrids for seed yield and related traits.. The most
desirable cross combination viz., CR-1485 x CR-1607 for seed yield plant-1 also showed desirable mid and better parent heterosis
for 1000-seed weight and primary branches plant-1. The cross combinations CR-1485 x CR-1607 (primary branches plant-1), CR-
1630 x KS-101 (secondary branches plant-1), CR-2638 x KOS-1 (number of siliquae on main raceme), CR-1630 x CR-2871
(number of siliquae plant-1), CR-1607 x KOS-1 (days to maturity) and KOS-1 x KS-101 (oil content) showed highest mid and
better parent heterosis. These cross combinations also revealed high per se performance.
Research Note