Genetic parameters of agro-morpho-physiological traits in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

  • S. C. Ghosh and Deepak. Sharma
Keywords: Rice, hybrid, variance, PCV, GCV, heritability and genetic advance


To estimate genetic variability, heritability and genetic advance a study was conducted on 10 diverse parents (3 CMS lines and 7
advance breeding lines) and 21 hybrids of rice. The results obtained from present investigation showed that adequate variability
among the parents and crosses for agro-morpho-physiological components. The magnitude of difference between PCV and GCV
observed was relatively low for all the characters viz., days to 50 % flowering, flag leaf length, flag leaf width, flag leaf area,
plant height, pollen fertility, sterile spikelets per panicle, fertile spikelets per panicle, spikelets per panicle, spikelets fertility,
panicle length, grain yield per plant, test weight and head rice recovery, indicating less environmental influence. All the
characters exhibited high broad sense heritability. The high heritability along with high genetic advance were registered as per
cent of mean for grain yield per plant, pollen fertility (%), sterile spikelets per panicle, fertile spikelets per panicle, spikelets
fertility (%), head rice recovery (%), 1000 seed weight, spikelets per panicle. Therefore, the improvement of these traits through
selection is the most important way to achieve the genetic gain generation after generation. High heritability coupled with high
genetic advance indicates the preponderance of additive gene action and such characters could be improved through selection.
Research Note