Genotype x Environment interaction in Mungbean (Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek) cultivars grown in different agro-climatic zones of Karnataka

  • Kamannavar, P.Y., Vijaykumar, A.G. Revanappa S.B. Ganajaxi, M. Arunkumar, Kuchanur P.H and P.M.Salimath
Keywords: Green gram, G x E interaction, Stability analysis, Seed yield


Fourteen genotypes were tested at five locations in North-Karnataka in the kharif season-2008 to study their yield stability.
Pooled analysis of variance and stability analysis were performed. The genotypic (G) x environment (E) interaction and both
variance due to genotypes and environment were significant. The partioning of G x E interaction into linear and non-linear
components indicated that both predictable and unpredictable components shared the interaction. On the basis of stability
parameters, the top yielding genotypes such as DGGV-2 (964 Kg/ha) DLGG-22 (945 Kg/ha) and DGGS-16 (933 Kg/ha) exhibit
the stable performance across the environments. The genotypes BGS-9 (933 Kg/ha), BPMR-1 (903 Kg/ha) and KGS-83 (908
Kg/ha) gave higher yield across the locations but their performance was unstable due to significant deviation from regression. On
the basis of results, DGGV-2, DLGG-22 and DGGS-16 were the most suitable and desirable genotypes which showed higher
stable grain yields at different agro-climatic regions.
Research Article