A high yielding short duration cowpea (Vigna unguiculata.L) variety ‘Hridya’

  • M.R. Bindu, Sverup John, G. Suja, M.Indira and T.N. Vilasini
Keywords: Cowpea, synchronized maturity, grain yield, short duration


Breeding experiments was conducted at Onattukara Regional Agricultural Research Station, Kayamkulam,Kerala Agricultural
University to evolve a high yielding cowpea variety with synchronized maturity during 2000-09. Local cultivars and released
varieties like V-2, CO-3, COVU-358, COVU-8456, V-118 and COVU-623 were used as parents in the programme. A short
duration cowpea variety with synchronized maturity was identified and released as ‘Hridya’ at the state level variety release
committee during 2010. This variety was developed by mass selection of the lacal Kuttipayar.The important charecteristics of the
variety are the height is 45 cm, pod colour is green, seed colour is straw, and the 100 seed weight is 4.67g. The productivity of
the variety is 9.5 q ha-1and the duration is 55 days.
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